I Miss You Episode 16 Recap

4 Jan

This does contain spoilers and is my opinion/reaction/view of the episode.

The episode starts with Hyung Joon holding Su Yeon tightly in front of Jung Woo to make him think that Su Yeon came back to Hyung Joon after leaving him. Su Yeon ends up pushing him away though. Jung Woo knows something happened to her but doesn’t know what, what happened to her was that she heard a recording of Sung Chul confessing Han Tae Joon was the one that ordered for them to get rid of Su Yeon. Jung Woo ends up telling them that he got fired, which now thinking about it, wouldn’t that ruin Hyung Joon’s plan of getting Jung Woo to arrest his father? Anyways, as he says this he tells them he needs to spend the night at their house because of the weird phone call he received with Su Yeon’s phone and how unhealthy Hyung Joon looks.

In Hyeong Joon’s room, since Su Yeon knows that Han Tae Joon did what he did to his leg she’s determined to get it out of him, but Hyeong Joon acts as if he doesn’t really know. He says “If I find the person who did this to my leg, I’ll make him like mother and if he has a child, I’ll make him like me.” Since Su Yeon knows who did it, she obviously know who’s the child, she becomes scared of Hyeong Joon and insists he’s changed but he says that she’s changed since she’s always wanted the people who harmed her to not be around. Obviously the reason why she’s scared of Hyeong Joon is because of Jung Woo, she know he’s in danger.

We then see Jung Woo and Su Yeon in the kitchen (after Su Yeon was caught hiding from him) and Jung Woo is whispering about how she left her phone when something could of happened to her, but forgives her because she’s fine. Su Yeon finds it strange that he’s whispering and says “Why are you whispering? Did you commit a sin?” then Jung Woo says that’s his tactic and that she’s the one that taught it to him. I still love this ‘Remember in the past when we did these things so Imma use it too!’ moments. I wonder if Su Yeon will find out the real reason why Jung Woo got fired, it was about her, right? I remember Jung Woo telling the Chief how he probably didn’t want Su Yeon to be found or something along those lines. Su Yeon then ends up asking about Jung Woo’s father and Jung Woo says how he’s restricted because of money. Funny, you’d think a rich man like him would be spending money instead of protecting it. Su Yeon ends up telling Jung Woo that he shouldn’t comfort her because he’s the one that needs comforting and says that since his house is so big wind flies in (another memory) that whenever he wants to cry he should go talk to her. When they held hands I was waiting for the scene to switch to Hyeong Joon watching them, seriously… since there’s camera’s all over the house I’m always imagining, OMG DON’T ACT ROMANTIC HE’S WATCHING YOOOOOU! When I still wanna watch them acting romantic.

We then see Su Yeon entering her work place and sees someone under the table, for a second I thought it’s the culprit again! But it wouldn’t fit in straight after that whole scene with Hyeong Joon and Jung Woo. We find out it’s one of Jung Woo’s co-worker. Su Yeon then gets a call from Jung Woo and the co-workers hears about Jung Woo spending the night over and obviously he’s going to misinterpret.

We see Jung Woo next to his on the phone with Su Yeon talking about last night’s incident, and then a car/van comes by and inside is Joo Myung and their Team Leader I don’t know his name… anyways they discuss what they’re going to do and they bring Jung Woo’s stuff over, and Jung Woo tells them to find out who Kang Hyung Joon is, as he’s about to leave the car Joo Myung says “How the hell are you going to beat something with an umbrella?” and hands over his gun, the reaction from the Team Leader was funny, the Team Leader ends up giving him a pair of Handcuffs. Jung Woo asks if he’s doing the right thing going after his father since he is a strong suspect now. Joo Myung after outside the car was funny, puckering his lips for a kiss.

Jung Woo ends up entering the house and obviously he’s not happily welcomed, Hwang Mi Ran ends up reminding him how he left saying that he wouldn’t trust his father ever again and Jung Woo responds by saying “I’ve learnt trust isn’t that all important, eating 3 meals a day to survive is what’s important.” that was funny. He sits down and how convenient, there was another rice bowl there, as if they were expecting someone to come over.

Mi Ran ends up talking to Tae Joon privately in his office and says that if Jung Woo is staying she’s leaving where then Tae Joon tells her to leave, for she’s the reason why Jung Woo is like this and how she should of raised him better. Mi Ran ends up saying why did he get a wife and not a nanny instead and starts to talk about Ah Reum, is Ah Reum her daughter? I always thought she was since she was a lot younger than Jung Woo at the start of the drama. Anyways, Tae Joon gets angry and tells her to shut up and tells her how Hyung Joon is killing a lot of people, and that Director Nam is dead, the way Mi Ran reacted after was a bit suspicious (we found out why after) but then I was thinking, was she in some secret relationship with him or something? I don’t know if in the beginning episodes it was shown, if it was I don’t remember but something definitely was up.

We then see Hyung Joon putting the “flower”.. what is that thing, inside a glass box with other similar things and tells someone you should go back to France, that someone is Harry, now that Hyeong Joon’s mum is alive they can’t blame Tae Joon for the homicide, Hyung Joon says he’ll check if it his mum and Harry tells him that he’ll get Tae Joon out of the house. Hyeong Joon then thanks him for everything and says he’ll miss him a lot, what was strange was that I got a different vibe from this part, it felt like something was going to happen to Harry or Hyung Joon like maybe one of them will betray each other or something, I don’t know.

When Jung Woo discovered that camera and said it wasn’t working the other day, it hit me that that was Harry’s doing. I thought Jung Woo would of gotten that too. We see him searching the house and almost getting caught by Mi Ran, Joo Myung on the other hand is at the hospital seeing if he can find clues too. When Tae Joon caught him, and he used that resume excuse and said what was his resume I was like, is that even going to work and then when Tae Joon found the resume on his table I was like, THAT WAS SICK! LOL. Who woulda thought that would of happened? Thought it out pretty well.

Jung Woo then ends up going to check out his “aunt” and tries to take her “flower” and wakes her up instead, and frightening her. She gets up and looks at her flower and ends up allowing him to touch the “flower”. Tae Joon ends up coming in and scolds him for not taking care of the house properly, Jung Woo jokingly replies by saying “Treating me like a dog, fine Ill play hard during the day and stay out at watch at night”.

We then see Joo Myung running into Kim Myung Hee’s house (Su Yeon’s mother), she’s preparing an electric blanket to take care of him since he’s sick apparently, I don’t think he’s sick O_o. Anyways Eun Joo calls him to speak for a minute and asks him since when did he know Zoe was Su Yeon and says that he doesn’t know about it and check, Eun Joo thinks that since Jung Woo found Su Yeon he just left the house but Joo Myung explains that he left so that he can solve Detective Kim’s case and what happened 14 years ago and that he went back to his house, risking his life to a serial killer and might even end up arresting his own father. We then see Myung Hee eavesdropping hearing everything Joo Myung has said.

Joo Myung then calls him Jung Woo up and scolds him for not telling Zoe was Su Yeon and tells him about the records from the hospital, he mentions that a Crazy Grandpa went to get the records too who goes by Detective Choi now I did not remember who this was at all until he came on screen (we’ll talk about this later).

Jung Woo is seen walking and sees Harry (Asssitant Yoon) he notices that he’s very tall just like the culprit and when he touches his back Harry flinches. After this he tells the Team Leader to investigate him and see who he really is.

We then see Jung Woo going through his dad’s files and sees the files of Zoe and Harry, and then Hyung Joon’s picture. He then goes back to that huge case he saw before and takes a picture and sends someone a message asking how to open it. When he was going through those files I was just thinking, “What a mess, what if he gets caught, there’s no turning back from that.”.

Su Yeon hides the memory stick inside a shoe, now honestly I feel like Mi Ran is going to find it since it’s inside a shoe, I don’t know, I don’t know when but it just feels like it. Anyways, Su Yeon drops a ball of yarn and goes pick it up and sees that someone is there, she looks up and it’s Jung Woo, he grabs her cheeks and she explains why she went to get yarn and he kisses her without warning, I was so shocked lol, I went uwaa~ he then says “Dukkbokki” and kisses her, “Sundae” and kisses her, then says “Cider” and kisses her again~ omg this part LOL. He then shows the diary to her and that they’ll both share it, he then starts quoting the diary and this shocks Su Yeon who then tries to snatch the diary away, she goes after him and then suddenly Jung Woo hugs her, OMG AGAIN he did it in such a cool way, lol I was just imagining hopefully doing this to a girl one day -_- stupid drama fantasies LOL.

Lol that meeting with the Japanese guy was so awkward, obviously they’re not going to show every part being translated but him laughing after saying “Oh Mr Han desu ka?” was really awkward.

While Su Yeon and Jung Woo eat their meal, Jung Woo tells her about the culprit and how all the incidents are linking up. When Jung Woo said that the aunt wasn’t his real aunt, I guess it means it isn’t his mothers sister then? So Hyung Joon and Jung Woo are what now? Cause I thought if that aunt was his mother’s sister, then they’d be cousin but is Hyung Joon Tae Joon’s son? I swear they said something about him having another son… wouldn’t that make them two brothers? Am I just overthinking? Anyways, Jung Woo ends up showing the picture to Su Yeon and obviously we know how Su Yeon would react now that she knows that Hyung Joon and Jung Woo are related somehow and that the threat Hyung Joon made about “If he has a child, I will make him like me” comes to her mind again. She tells him “I hope you don’t do what you are doing now” which kind of hints that maybe she’ll stop him in one of the next few episodes, maybe something bad will happen.

Su Yeon ends up getting a phone call from Mi Ran thanking her for her and Hyung Joon being generous, Su Yeon then wants to speak to him but he doesn’t want to speak to her and stays like a statue, ignoring her. Su Yeon then tries to call him on his own phone but he doesn’t answer, Su Yeon then calls Mi Ran but doesn’t answer either, Hyung Joon tells her they’ve been in a fight and continue with their stuff. This is where we discover Mi Ran (unless it was told before) owes money to Director Nam, but since he’s died does she still owe him the money?

Su Yeon suddenly becomes busy and tells Jung Woo to go and see Detective Choi and he replies with if you don’t answer your phone within 3 rings, I’m getting an arrest warrant and they exchange sorry phrases and how much they like each and whatnot and that how Jung Woo will be back and that she should wait for him and what caught me was how Su Yeon went and gave him a hug.

Jung Woo goes and sees Detective Choi and says he came to him at middle school with Detective Kim, a flashback is shown showing that and then another flashback that shows the funeral of Detective Kim, I don’t believe I’ve seen this scene so I’m glad there’s a new scene from when they were younger, I miss those episodes… anyways Jung Woo finds out that Detective Choi knew who he was all along when he says “Crazy Rabbit”, Jung Woo then sees the newspapers regarding Lee Su Yeon with Detective Choi and claims it’s his since it’s about Su Yeon. We then find out Detective Choi has been doing investigations on Su Yeon’s case even if he isn’t an official detective anymore. He says that he tries to find the culprit on his own and that there’s nobody to shout at him if he doesn’t and that when he does he’s happy. He then tells him how he knew about the hospital since the place where they were kidnapped, the cliff where Detective Kim died, the murders were all in Susung Area, Jung Woo eventually asks him to tell him everything he knows since he knows that his dad is involved in this case.

Back at the house, Mi Ran is heard scolding Ah Reum because of Hyun Joo being outside, we can see that Hyung Joon is thinking about going outside since he holds tightly onto his cane but eventually doesn’t when Mi Ran walks back in. Hyung Joon eventually stands outside the door waiting to go in. As this is happening Su Yeon is trying to call him but there’s no answer, she gets to the door and those security guards are blocking the path and again she gets through. Seriously those security guard suck, like anyone can get past them. Hyung Joon ends up going inside and gets emotional, I thought he’d peak inside and then leave because he wouldn’t want to be caught by Mi Ran he ends up going nearer to her saying “Mum, it’s me, Joon” but she just keeps on calling for Han Tae Joon and starts screaming, Su Yeon walks in and sees what’s happening and tries to cover his ears so that he doesn’t hear while he cries hysterically, Mi Ran walks in trying to stop Hyun Joo from screaming and sees Hyung Joon crying now this is when I think Hyung Joon is going to be exposed and I knew something like this was going to happen, I knew as she started screaming Hyung Joon would get caught.

We then see Jung Woo back at Detective Choi’s place looking for a can, at the time I didn’t understand why I’m so bad with these kind of stuff lol I forgot it was about the can stuck on Detective Kim’s Car Pedal. Detective Choi said he got a spit DNA and was able to find out who it was, Jung Woo ends up finding it and realises it was Michelle Kim (or Jung Hye Mi) and sees there’s a photo behind it and sees that its Hyung Joon and realises it’s the same person from the fire who had a terrible leg and connects this with “Harry” (Hyung Joon).

At the car we see Hyung Joon’s flowing rapidly while Su Yeon is scared about him driving in his state, he ends up stopping and goes mad, like woah. Su Yeon wants to go talk about it but he’s just going mad and realises that Su Yeon already knew about the aunt and Han Tae Joon and knew that Hyung Joon knew about Tae Joon was the one that did that thing to his leg and as he asks her “Are you that afraid that I’ll kill Han Jung Woo?!” Jung Woo arrives and says “His temper hasn’t changed, just like 14 years ago” and this is when Su Yeon and Hyung Joon discover that Jung Woo knows who he is.

According to the preview Su Yeon faints and Hyung Joon goes away? Why the heck did that happen? Did she find something out? And looks like Su Yeon eventually goes back to her original house and stays over with her mum and Jung Woo (and Eun Joo?). Jung Woo ends up saying that he’ll never run away from her even if he dies, I feel like something is going to happen to him especially with those previews in the first episode where you hear a shot and you see Jung Woo fall down. Why did they have to show that -_-.


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